My Resume

A native to Louisville, Micah Buse sold his cherished sports car over 15 years ago to pay cash for an old truck, as part of a master plan to leave a W2 job and start his first business, from his garage, with no loans or money behind him…
Micah’s entrepreneurial story includes several successful start-up tech companies and even designing high tech, niche market surveillance systems for the government. Micah’s last business venture, “JIC Nation / Jewelry In Candles”, was a multi-million dollar Louisville based company and since opening, it manufactured, sold and shipped over 4 million products nationwide, provided at-home business opportunities to over 50,000 distributors, was voted the #1 direct sales company in the USA, and quickly became a national household name!
Micah has also appeared on numerous episodes of the Louisville TV show “Dream Funders” offering investment & partner opportunities for Louisville business owners. Micah is described as a corporate athlete, a completely non-traditional CEO, voted top 10 “direct sales” CEO’s worldwide, a creative marketing guy that is building and running businesses. Micah’s passion for chess makes him a creative yet sharp, forward thinker, with an on-the-fly ability to formulate marketing strategies and he commands a full service advertising agency to execute them!
Hey! I’m a seasoned entrepreneur & marketing guy. I’ve successfully started multiple companies from scratch, growing them to multi-million dollar organizations. “Marketing a business” is much more than just making a pretty website, business cards, Facebook page… those are just tools!! Knowing how to create a relationship between your products & customers, and understanding the triggers that make businesses grow wildly, is critical while “dialing-in” a successful & scalable marketing strategy. I’ve successfully developed and launched numerous national products & brands… My last company passed $1.5 million in sales within 90 days, $6+ million the first year in business!! I love data and measuring the results of our efforts.

My Promise:
I WILL help you grow larger more productive team, create a residual income stream for you and your family, capitalize on missed opportunities around you, and I’ll help you make more money while working less!
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